About Us

Albert and Maurice – Our Story

The idea of Albert and Maurice came to light just over two years ago. There was no chance meeting, no lightbulb moment. There were just two brothers who were talking, just as we had hundreds of times before, about country clothing. This then trickled through to the thought of wanting to design and manufacture a shirt that we would reach for every day, and not just one for certain events every now and again. A shirt that would give the wearer a look of distinctive style, something to take pride in wearing.

About How Albert and Maurice Began

And so, the hunt began. We had to find a manufacturer that could produce a shirt that would meet the right quality, using the right fabric, to give the right feel. These factors were imperative to us, and we made sure we wouldn’t settle for less! The shirts had to be something that could be worn from dog walks and desk talks to a pint at the local. In keeping with our Herefordshire heritage, they needed to remain durable to keep up with our busy lifestyle of farming, shooting and everything in between. The game was well and truly on.

One thing that had been sitting in the back of our minds was what on earth we would call our brand. We wanted to remain true to our ancestry, and to keep it local. After swapping around all the different combinations of our names, the pin was set on Albert and Maurice. The two components belonged to our grandfather and father respectively, and therefore had been bestowed onto us in Christian and middle names. It seemed fitting.

When the plan was in action, it wasn’t long before samples started arriving. Buttons with the brand name on, clothing tags, pattern swatches. It was all very exciting! What an accomplishment it felt to open these little parcels that contained a dream that had been sat in our heads, now neatly nestled right in front of us in a brown mailer box, ready for use. We couldn’t quite believe that our idea was finally at home in Herefordshire, where it all began.

The Albert and Maurice brand has become the embodiment of quality English country living, and we are very proud to be able to present this unique collection of clothing that can take a modern man through the everyday, with shirts that can be worn everywhere and anywhere.