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We use a review service so customers of Albert and Maurice can leave product and service reviews. We always strive to be perfect but there is always going to be a possibility that we could have done better. Good or bad reviews, we welcome them all and we invite our customers to write a review whether you love or hate us.

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Under each product title is a link to 'Write a Review' and this will be posted on the internet and a selection of reviews shown below the product description. Once you have clicked on this link a popup form (shown below) will appear. You have the option to award one to five stars. We hope you love our products and service and would like to award us with five stars but whatever you choose this will be visible to see by everyone. You are invited to leave your name although this is the same as the rating and will be visible to everyone. You can just use your first name if you wish, or you can use any alias name if you don't wish to be identified. Leaving this field blank will mark the review as anonymous so it is not a requirement, yet using an alias name or choosing to stay anonymous will not action a reply from our team. If you would like a team member to follow up on an anonymous comment, please send us an email from yourself with further details. Give your review a subject title and enter it into the review subject box before entering your comments. That is it and as easy as that. Click on the tick box to show us you are not a robot and submit it. Comments will be published once the comment has been proof read.

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